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Tinker, Jamie: The Widow’s Warning (2013)

The Widow's Warning - Jamie Tinker

The Widow’s Warning is book no. one of a story that is supposed to encompass at least one more novel/novella.

Authors who venture into interpretations of fantasy that I am unused to fascinate me. Or rather their stories do. Jamie Tinker has created a dark story with an apparently obvious ending. That is until we discover that one of the pieces on the board is unpredictable to the Head Prophet.

The temptation to tinker/manipulate/steer people’s lives must be difficult to resist for a person who claims to see into the future. But the problem with the future is that it has not been lived yet. Perhaps things will happen as the prophet has seen or perhaps the pieces seen are just a small part of something that isn’t all that bad. We can’t really ask for more in life than having lives that are fairly good. Life is going to knock all of us on our faces at one point or another, so why not have the same happen to prophecy.

One thing is certain. Neither Theron nor Serina wish for the prophesied future to come to pass. Others also want to stop whatever powers Serina has to bring to the board. All three players chasing earina have permanent solutions in mind when it comes to manipulating fate. People are like that. We seem to prefer permanent solutions. But the problem with that is how difficult it is to change death. Once you have killed a person – weeellll! What if you were wrong and have made things much worse?

I found The Widow’s Warning a fascinating and entrancing read. I would like to find out what happens to Serina and Theron in their journey to what seems an inevitable ending.


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