Keene, Carolyn: Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: Out of This World by sunni-sideup

My son was about 8 when I started reading our old Nancy Drew books to him. Keene’s books were a great help in getting him to a point where he started reading himself. Being dyslexic, this was not an easy point for him to get to.

Our Nancy Drew books were from the 1950’s and on. Part of the appeal laid in the formal language (the way we used to talk here in Norway) and in the fact that a lot of our books had belonged to his grandparents. In addition, the plots are simple and the characters never change. Nancy is always around 16-18, Ned is her boyfriend and George and Bess her best friends. This never-changing world made it easier for him to stay tuned to what was going on.

I think he was about 11/12 when he finished his first Nancy Drew. Since then, he finished all of the ones that we had and went on to other literary adventures.

So, a big THANK YOU to all of the Carolyn Keene authors. You have made a huge contribution in helping a boy with dyslexia learn to love reading.

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