Cooper, Elspeth: Songs of The Earth (The Wild Hunt I) (2012)

Songs of The Earth is Elspeth Cooper’s debut novel and a pretty good one at that. There are some rough patches (text hiccups mainly), but all in all Songs of The Earth is solid. There is content that somewhat detailed sexually and there is some descriptive violence.

Songs of The Earth is book one of The Wild Hunt series. In it Cooper brings us into the world of Gair, a world where hearing music is considered of the devil. Historically, we know what happens to people who are considered devilish. They are burned. This is to be Gair’s fate, but against all odds he is saved and gets to live out his story.

Cooper’s novel is concentrated on Gair and his path into magic. It touches upon his main enemy, Elder Goran and one of the good guys, Masen, a gatekeeper.

These three are well-developed characters. I feel their fear, lust and worry. Fortunately Cooper manages to avoid black and white thinking. We see this in the personalities of her characters, except for Goran. He is pretty dark.


3 thoughts on “Cooper, Elspeth: Songs of The Earth (The Wild Hunt I) (2012)”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review Songs – much appreciated!

    I don’t normally comment on reviews but felt moved to do so when I read about your son, as my husband is also dyslexic, but doesn’t let it stop him enjoying reading. I hope your son grows to love books as much as you obviously do.

    I also noticed you were unsure what age range Songs is aimed at, and thought I should clarify that it is adult fiction, and subsequent books address some mature themes.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. With reading aloud to him and audiobooks my son has come to like reading. It takes time, but he loves it.
      Thank you for clarifying the age range. I find it difficult.


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