Shepherd, Mike: Kris Longknife – Furious (2012)

Cover art by Scott Grimando

I like this cover of Kris Longknife – one of those damn Longknives.

Mike Shepherd has really shown his gift for writing this time. Furious is one of those read-through novels that just grips you and does not let you go. The whole Kris Longknife serious is fun to read. It leaves you with a sense of having enjoyed a tale of adventure bringing Kris (the main character) into some incredibly unlikely scenarios. But if you take away all of the science fiction and just focus on the story, it is about the age-old question of peace and war. How do you keep the peace between nations when there are so many conflicting points of view and goals?

Well, history has shown us time and again that we don’t. Not unless we find a common enemy, someone we can join together in fighting. So the circle of war and peace becomes a neverending process that gives us a breather every once in a while.

Kris is now being punished the events and her decisions in Daring. I just discovered I haven’t written anything about Mike Shepherd yet. I’ll just have to remedy that.

Anyways. Kris and her crew have been shipped off to undesireable places in the Union in an attempt to castrate their ability to create trouble. But trouble isn’t something that avoids Kris. Rather it tends to send its tentacles off in search of the princess in an attempt to place her in life-threatening situations. There are a couple of those in this novel. Saving her own life and the lives of others seems to be a fate that Kris simply is not able to avoid.

Furious was a fun read. There was tension, humour, romance and a sense of enjoyment from the author’s side.

Mike was super-adorable when he wrote about “that” arriving in this novel. The way he avoided the word “period” was sweet. I don’t know if that is a US trait, but it is kind of cute when people avoid words dealing with bodily functions.

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