Evans, Erin: The Rhine Maiden (2010)

the rhine maiden

Cover art by Katie White

You know how sailors were supposed to tie themselves to something so they would not be lured by the beautiful voices of the sirens, well, Piper Cavenaugh is one. A human siren. Not bad.

Making people do what she wants by using the “Voice” is terribly tempting to Piper. However, experience has taught her that she will eventually get into trouble by doing so. Its duration is only 10 minutes and that really puts limitations on what it can be used for.

One evening Piper gets into trouble. She was seen using her Voice by the supernatural community. A community Piper had never heard of, seen or wanted to know about. Now she is about to be tried for her crimes. The Voice is considered extremely dangerous and desirable by various species of the supernatural community and Piper is thrown into trouble like never before.

The Rhine Maiden is a fun read. It has a couple of preachy moments and not very subtle ones. But Erin Evans is a fun author with a fun protagonist in the rather stressed character of Piper Cavenaugh. Piper is not your laid-back kind of person. Oh, no! Definitely not! But she is fun.

You will find plenty of action and humor in The Rhine Maiden.

4 thoughts on “Evans, Erin: The Rhine Maiden (2010)”

  1. I wonder about other ways that women’s voices are seen as somehow dangerous. Speaking up for themselves, asserting themselves, for instance.

    Also, the notion that men find women so tempting that they need to tie themselves to a pole is interesting.


    1. When female writers use their own names they tend to be taken less seriously than a guy writing the same type of book.

      Which is why we just have to keep on supporting the next generations in their endeavours to break stereotypical thought-patterns. Big job ahead of us!!!


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