Sweeney, Stephen J.: The Honour of the Knights (The Battle for the Solar System I) (2009)

The Honour of the Knights - Stephen L Sweeney

Stephen L. Sweeney states in the front of the 2009 edition of The Honour of the Knights that if you are interested in reading the whole trilogy then you would be wise to favor the 2011 edition. I read the 2009 edition (Mr. Sweeney’s first novel).

The Honour of the Knights is pure space opera with a military setting. I have no idea as to how realistic that setting is. Placing the fighting in space opera gives Mr. Sweeney the freedom to play with reality. In many ways space opera is fantasy due to the many breaches of physical laws that occur. This story is no exception to that.

I see that Estelle has been changed into a less ambitious person in the second edition. Bummer. I kind of liked that about her. I’m not sure I like her, but her character was fun and like some real life people I have met. Considering the type of work Mr. Sweeney used to have, I imagine he has met his share of Estelles. Kelly seemed to be the opposite of Estelle.

Kelly’s character was the one that was most difficult to fit in with a pilot and military culture. She seemed too spaced out most of the time. Perhaps that is a prejudice of mine – that spaced out people won’t fit with a pilot and military unit. Other than that she seemed to fit well with her unit. Maybe I just read her wrong.

Dodds is the main character in the 1st edition. We meet him at the beginning of the story and follow him through to the end. He seems to have a hero complex, one that led him into serious trouble in the past. He travels from his parents’ farm to his assignment in another solar system and meets up with his team. Parks, his commanding officer, expects Dodds to clean up his act, but once Dodds is back with his unit, old habits surface.

The Honour of the Knights is a good first novel. There are hiccups here and there but they did not interfere with the story. This was Mr. Sweeney’s unique take on a space yarn. I recommend it – but go for the 2nd edition rather than the 1st.


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