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White, Angela: Alexa’s Travels: A Prelude (2010)

Alexa's Travels
Cover design/art by Angela White

You need to begin reading the Alexa’s Travels series with Bone Dust & Beginnings. While this short-story/novella calls itself Prelude, it is not. Instead it is a continuation of the story of Alexa, part Descendant of Jesus Christ and part Fire Demon.

I am not certain if being part Fire Demon is something that is part and parcel of being a Descendant. Being one does give the “possessed” fairly cool powers. I doubt their victims would agree.

Alexa’s trusted group of men (pets as she calls them) are still stuck to her. They feel fortunate in having such a person to look after and who looks after them. Together they get to fight strange creatures and bad people.

Prelude is fairly well-written. Editing issues are few. I doubt if I am its intended audience.

White, Angela: Bone Dust & Beginnings (Alexa’s Travels) (2012)

Alexa's Travels
Cover art/design by Angela White

I started off reading Prelude, which isn’t a prelude but a continuation of Bone Dust & Beginnings. I couldn’t get a grip on what on earth Alexa was and felt annoyed at myself for not getting it. That made me splurge on USD 1.99 for BD&B.

This is young adult fiction. The author warns about mature content, but come on – the only thing US citizens thinks of as mature content is sex and there isn’t any explicit sex in this novel. There is violence but not of the mature kind.

Bizarrely enough, Alexa happens to be a descendant of Jesus Christ. She and other Descendants have been hidden from the public by the “Government”. If only they had been allowed out into the open, the world could have experienced peace. Instead people have used the Descendants for their own selfish agendas and this was a major part of why the world has become the bombed out place it has.

Alexa’s mission is to find her father, rescue the other Descendants and save the world.

Alexa seemed like an unknown after finishing BD&B. Her background was filled in, but something was missing. The novel itself was well-written with few editing issues. Bone Dust & Beginnings was a fairly good novel. I do not think I am its intended audience.