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Anderson, Lorraine J.: Aboard the Quaker City: A Tour Aspace (2011)

uten navnI am finding myself having quite a bit of fun with Lorraine Anderson’s short stories. Aboard the Quaker City is another addition to my enjoyment.

Aboard the Quaker City is basically about a guy who meets an ex while stuck on a cruise in space. It is completely absurd yet sweet. Anderson manages to compress imperialism and prejudice into 22 pages of unbelievability. Yet this is all stuff that I observe in pople almost every day. Granted, we do not have gills nor do we go on cruises around the galaxy (unless you count the Earth as a space ship), but we really are silly.


Anderson, Lorraine J.: Red Truck (2011)

Here is another delightful short-story by Lorraine J. Anderson.

This time two small-time crooks “borrow” a “Red Truck” – a 4×4 – that is much more than it appears at the outset. Red Truck is an entertaining story that brings a modern dimension to Santa’s story. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Anderson, Lorraine J.: The Curious Case of A. Fly, Esquire (2011)

The Curious Case of A. Fly, Esquire is a delightful short-story by Lorraine J. Anderson. A. Fly is taken to court as one of the accused in the case of the accidental death of a witch. Its defense is well worth the read.

A. Fly’s observations are funny and believable in a strangely bizarre manner. I love it. Keep up the good work.

Anderson, Lorraine J.: Goose (2011)

The goose that lays the golden egg. What is her story? Goose is Anderson’s attempt to answer just that. How did the goose happen to begin laying gold eggs? You have to admit it is kind of unusual. What was her road to Jack? And what happened after Jack brought her home with him?

I like Lorraine’s take on this classic folk tale. It is light and humorous and short. 258 words short. I found it well-worth the read.