Porter, Ronnell: The Pocket Watch (The Trinity Saga) (2009)

The Pocket Watch
Cover art by Ronnell D. Porter

In addition to being an author, Ronnell D. Porter designs covers. Which is why I assume that he is the cover artist for the cover of The Pocket Watch.

The Pocket Watch is definitely a young adult novel. I think I might be getting the hang of what a young adult novel is – maybe.

Imogen Stromholdt is a US teen-ager who like a lot of teenagers thinks that her life is boring, she is boring and her dad is boring. She would really like something exciting to happen in her life. Exciting is overrated. Believe me, it really is!

Eden, Oregon is a regular small town with regular small-town people living in it. In Eden people know each other. When a pallid, eerie boy turns up wherever Imogen goes she feels creeped out, especially when people start turning up dead.

Then Imogen gets what she wishes. Her life becomes exciting. Extremely exciting. A stranger comes to live with Imogen and her father, Lucius Knight takes an interest in her. Fantastical creatures turn out to be real and they aren’t all that fantastic. Then you have Imogen, herself, who turns out to be some other person than she had thought and so does her father. Exciting really isn’t all it is made out to be.

The Pocket Watch is a fun novel. I agree that there are editing problems. It seems editing has become an art that quite a few authors and whoever they use as editors struggle with. Spellers are great, but spellers are not substitutes for a good slicer and dicer. In spite of that, there was plenty of drive to the story. As usual the romantic angle didn’t do much for me, but I imagine there will be quite a lot of readers who enjoy that part.


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